Q: Who is Shruti Jhaveri?

A: A trained artist from Royal Academy of Fine Arts, born in Belgium and currently residing to Mumbai, India.

Q: How many years of experierence does Shruti Jhaveri have in art?

A: A hidden talent found in child hood, Shruti has completed two decades of experience in art.

Q: What kind of art does Shruti Jhaveri create?

A: Shruti is skilled in fine arts, painting in acrylic, oil, texture and texture mediums.She also works in mix media, upcycled paper, and different experiemental mediums such as fabric, sand, fibre and wood.

Q: What is Shruti Jhaveri’s art style?

A: Her work is expressive abstract drawing inspirating from nature, spirituality and emotions.

Q: Has Shruti Jhaveri worked with galleries?

A: Yes, she has been part of group shows in Tao gallery and Aura Art galleryin Mumbai and more are listed in the ‘about Shruti Jhaveri’ section.